The Intrepid

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The powerful, fearless and bold, Intrepid is now offered in limited numbers.  While it looks a lot like the Sapphire at first glance, there are a lot of new things going on inside the chamber.  Rather than a rollover it sports a Reso Chamber style flat angled step baffle.  This gives a big bold and colorful tone with texture and a great buzz.  The window is also longer than in other Links (and the Sapphire)  There is a lot of hand work in this piece.   It is vibrant, powerful and projects while maintaining a balanced buzz and warmth through the range.  Find out why great players like Jimmy Halperin and Bob Franceschini play and endorse the Intrepid.

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$370.00 (North America only)

€355.00 EURO  No additional fees

Upgrade your setup with a Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature $105.00/euro

US Shipping From France: $15.00

Worldwide Shipping: Varies by location

"I just want to thank you in writing Phil for your dedication and skill. You have created a mouthpiece with playability that very few have achieved. Continued success, and may many saxophonist have a chance to play your wares."                -Bob Franceschini


Hear the Intrepid played by Bob Franceschini on his new album with Victor Wooten