The Eclipse

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When the moon moves across the sun, the earth is enveloped in a sweeping darkness lit by a powerful, illuminating edge.  For a brief moment in time both light and shadow become one.  It is in that spirit that the Phil-Tone Eclipse is crafted.  It is a powerful mouthpiece with a rich, medium-dark core that has roundness and warmth, but with a scintillating brightness at its edge. This powerfully resonant piece can carry you through ballads or your loudest gigs.  It will take all the air you can give it without breaking up or losing its warm focus, and has an unparalleled dynamic range.  The highs sing out with rich harmonics, and the low end is broad and expansive. The Eclipse allows the player to shape their tone with ease of play and unparalleled richness. Discover your own sound with the most robust tenor piece in the Phil-Tone lineup.

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$370.00 (North America only)

€355.00  No additional fees

Upgrade your setup with a Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature $105.00/euro

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