The NEW Phil-Tone and Theo Wanne Tribute!

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Thank you, and welcome to Phil-Tone by Le Son.   Nearly two decades ago an obsession with achieving the perfect setup resulted in the creation of the first Phil-Tone mouthpiece.  Since that time Phil-Tone has grown to serve  the most demanding  musicians across the globe. A steadfast commitment to needs of the individual player and a consistent dedication to expand both design and craft  are the cornerstones of the Phil-Tone brand.  This philosophy flows through the execution of each and every mouthpiece.

Phil-Tone mouthpieces are crafted by hand one at a time  from safe and certified materials.  Each mouth piece is balanced, adjusted, and extensively play tested in order to provide optimum performance.  At Phil-Tone every mouthpiece is also individually evaluated from a musical perspective so that each player receives the best possible experience. Additionally, every mouthpiece purchased directly from Phil-Tone is eligible for adjustments to fit your setup at no additional labor costs. This is part of the Phil-Tone commitment to service.

The saxophone mouthpiece is the critical point in which we begin to merge with our instrument and realize our fullest potential. My personal goal is to help facilitate this event. It continues to be my pleasure and privilege to be a part of the music of so many. At Phil-Tone, it’s not just about the mouthpiece, it’s about the music.

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The New Phil-Tone Tribute Ldt

The classic Tribute has pleased players for nearly six years. Months have gone into updating the piece that provides you with additional options. Pieces can be made in most sizes, they can also be customized from a pieces with the edge of an Early Babbitt style link to the classic Florida voice. Unlike most pieces on the market that claim the word Florida in their description this piece has a chamber and baffle that is digitally precise and in all respects feels and plays like the best Florida you will find. You can get off the vintage gamble and have the piece you have been looking for. The piece comes with a vintified finish or can be purchased in bare brass if you like. This piece is exclusively offered through Phil-Tone Direct

Price 525 Euros/Dollars

Free International Shipping can be arranged.