Refacing, correcting, or otherwise modifying a mouthpiece is frequently necessary in order to achieve optimum performance. Phil-Tone offers affordable and competitive rates with time proven results and excellent turnaround time. Equally important is a committed belief in communication and collaboration between the player and craftsman.

At Phil-Tone there is no ala carte menu to stack up fees. When a job is accepted all of the necessary work, including chamber, throat, and bore modification is included. The majority of work on hard rubber pieces is $125.00 or 125 Euros... plus S&H.  In Europe this includes all taxes and fees.  Rates for metal pieces are $145/Euros plus S&H.  Custom Meyer rebuilds are $145.00/ 130 Euros

*Phil-Tone now accept stainless steel mouthpieces for custom work. Rates are $185.00/ 180 Euros . As Stainless is extremely hard this is for corrections and to change tips .005.  Greater changes require milling and machining.

Phil-Tone regularly accepts facing work from international customers. Pieces are returned promptly.  Many refacing businesses keep mouthpieces for up to several months. Phil-Tone has an average turnaround of two weeks. Yes, it is nearly unheard of in the industry but your pieces are important to you.  If it is important to you, it is important to me.