Refacing, correcting, or otherwise modifying a mouthpiece is frequently necessary in order to achieve optimum performance. Phil-Tone offers affordable and competitive rates with time proven results and excellent turnaround time. Equally important is a committed belief in communication and collaboration between the player and craftsman.

At Phil-Tone there is no ala carte menu to stack up fees. When a job is accepted all of the necessary work, including chamber, throat, and bore modification is included. The majority of work on hard rubber pieces is $125.00 USD in Europe or 12 Euros... plus S&H.  In Europe this includes all taxes and fees.  Rates for metal pieces are $145 USD and 125 Euros plus S&H.  Custom Meyer rebuilds are $125.00/ 120 Euros

*Phil-Tone now accept stainless steel mouthpieces for custom work. Rates are $185.00/ 180 Euros . As Stainless is extremely hard this is for corrections and to change tips .005.  Greater changes require milling and machining.

Phil-Tone regularly accepts facing work from international customers. Pieces are returned promptly.  At Phil-Tone its understood that you want your mouthpiece done properly and quickly. Turnaround is not weeks or even months. Such wait times are unreasonable. At Phil-Tone most pieces are kept a matter of days before being returned to you. It is understood that your mouthpiece is important to you and your music.

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