The Intrepid


The powerful, fearless and bold, Intrepid has arrived!  It is safe to say that the Intrepid alto mouthpiece offers the unique combination of being the fattest, most colorful and powerful piece of the modern or vintage era. It has lightening fast response and has a tone that can be easily shaped.  It is vibrant, powerful and projects while maintaining a balanced buzz and warmth through the range.  It is a beautifully voiced piece for a discerning palate for everything from sultry ballads to hard bop.

Pieces are made to your preferred openings. Step up to a change of pace and away from vanilla setups and create your own voice.

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$370.00 (North America Only)

€355.00 with no additional fees.

Upgrade your setup with a Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature $80.00/Euro


US Shipping: $15.00

Worldwide Shipping Varies by Location