JZ Tenor

The JZ Series is Phil-Tone's answer to those seeking a quality hand faced piece at a modest expense.  It is the only fully hand faced mouthpiece in its price point.  Additionally, unlike any other, it is fully play tested and adjusted by Phil, not assistants or apprentices.  For just a few dollars over popular machine made pieces (and less than many) you get  a mouthpiece made with care.

The JZ tenor is also the closest to a metal link sound you will get on hard rubber which makes it popular for many players who prefer the comfort of hard rubber.  It plays evenly through the range.  It has thick and lively high notes and a warm full low end.  If you are looking for quality and can do without gold trim and glamorous packaging that you cant actually play, consider the JZ Tenor.

Steve Neff’s review of the JZ Tenor>


$275 (North America only)

€ 255.00  Includes all taxes and fees

Upgrade your setup with a Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature: $105.00/euro

US Shipping from France: $15.00

Worldwide Shipping Varies by Location