The Equinox

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Twice a year our planet spins upon its axis at a point where neither pole is inclined towards the sun.  This balance and equilibrium is expressed in the Phil-Tone Equinox.  This mouthpiece shines in a broad variety of musical situations. It is especially suited for the tenor player looking to add some focus to their sound, while still maintaining a big, warm, vibrant tone.  Subtle sophistication and comfort exist in its focused core. The highs and lows are rich and singing while the mids carry through its even range. With clarity and definition, the altissimo is exceptionally resonant.  Articulation is quick, easy, and precise.  If you are looking for complexity, focus, and resonance in all registers, look no further than the Equinox.

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Mouthpiece Only: $325.00

Upgrade your setup with a Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature $80.00

US Shipping: $5.00
Canadian Shipping $13.00
Worldwide Shipping $18.00

Korey Riker with his Phil-Tone Equinox

Korey Riker with his Phil-Tone Equinox