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March 2017


Overall Thoughts

I want to thank Phil Engelman for taking the time to send me his various tenor and alto model mouthpieces. I really enjoyed playing each one of them and was overall impressed by the quality of work on each mouthpiece. I ended up purchasing the Phil-Tone Meyer mouthpiece because it was noticeably better than my current setup and I am currently interested in play testing Phil’s Sapphire model in a 7 tip opening which I believe will play similar to my slant link. Again, I want to thank Phil for sending me his various model mouthpieces and if anyone is interested in one of Phil’s mouthpieces or has questions regarding a specific model, please reach out to Phil and I know he is more than happy to assist.

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Steve Neff at

Aug 2009 - Jan 2017

Rift Alto Mouthpiece Review>

The mouthpiece just smoked for me with that very first reed.  It had that combination of bright power and edge with a very fat tone.   I always think of Cannonball when I get into a description of tone like this.  When you listen to his recordings,  he had an incredible balance of brightness and edge with a big fat full sound.   This is how I felt about the Rift!

The other element of sound that I really loved about the Rift is the smoothness and evenness of the notes. Fast runs and lines are as smooth as butter on the Rift.  A lot is said about how effectively a player can communicate with a mouthpiece,  how well he can reproduce what he imagines as he plays his horn.  For me, the Rift has that quality and connection.  I really felt that as I played it that I could play almost anything I imagined as I was improvising. That’s an amazing feeling to have.

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Saxaholic at

Sept 2011

Initial Impressions:

Phil-Tone Aurora alto:  Wasn’t sure what to expect with this mouthpiece. I had remembered seeing these mouthpieces on Junkdude for a while, and thinking they were some kind of expensive plastic student mouthpiece. I was very, very wrong. The first few notes really surprised me…you’ll see how in a bit.

Phil-Tone Solstice alto: Very excited for this one. Paul Desmond was my beginning inspiration to playing alto and I continue to emulate his sound on every acoustic gig. I had my reservations, as every purported “Desmond” type piece has just been stuffy and dead. I was pleasantly surprised by this mouthpiece.

Phil-Tone Rift alto: This was another mouthpiece Phil created in response to the demand from alto players looking for a brighter mouthpiece without that harsh shrillness and thin sound in the upper register. The hand made baffle looks great and I was excited to try the mouthpiece.

Phil-Tone Custom Meyer alto: Always heard a lot about Phil’s custom meyers and finally decided to order one myself. Had high expectations for it, wanted to see if he could finally get me to enjoy a standard Meyer style piece.

Phil-Tone Eclipse tenor:  I had heard a few good things before I got this one in my hands, so I was expecting good things. The initial play test was very promising.

Phil-Tone Equinox tenor: Phil was REALLY excited about this mouthpiece when he made it and promptly sent it off to me for some extensive play-testing. I share in his excitement; initial play tests were very promising, and above all, fun!

Phil-Tone Custom HR Link:  Immediately I thought back to Tenney’s custom links, and wondered how they would compare. I can say they are very different mouthpieces.

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